Alan Porter

I help almost everyone, especially Doctors, Medical Professionals (both W-2 and 1099) and Business owners learn how they can legally recover 10s of 1000s of dollars a year they have no idea they are losing – slipping right into the hands of the Federal Government, Wall St., and financial institutions.

Published by FORBES Books, SMART Retirement stands for the Strategic Movement Around Retirement Taxation®️. The book lays out how there is a political window of opportunity TODAY for more Americans to benefit from strategies similar to those being used by top executives and the wealthy elite to save taxes now and in the future through SMART tax diversification strategies as permitted by the tax code.

Alan Porter is a SMART Advisor and his team (Top CPAs, Tax Specific Attorneys, and other Specialists) that have over 5 decades of experience helping his clients rescue millions of dollars in unnecessary taxes, fees, and lost opportunity costs. He has the insight to provide the financial guidance needed to thrive in today’s world. He has the unique ability to create a paradigm shift in people’s thinking and changes their beliefs about Convention Financial Planning. He operates his business just as a Doctor does asking question after question to find out what the client’s problems are, what their goals and desire are, and creating financial solutions to their financial problems, He has spoken at West Point and Harvard, been published in over 320 publications across America interviewed on ESPN and has been seen in or on:

He collaborates with top CPAs and tax-specific Attorneys to share proven financial strategies that allow his clients to realize their full financial potential by ensuring the highest and best use of every dollar at work. His practice is process driven not product-driven.

I hate taxes, and so should you. Now, it is time to stop hating and do something about it. Get pro-active advice NOT reactive!

To request a free video explaining SMART Retirement or to schedule a phone call to see if you qualify, simply message Alan on LinkedIn or contact the office at 910-551-1046 or email strategicwealth0@gmail.com.